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This method is a backing method, all bets are made before the games start, so it is a set and forget.

You can use bookies, or exchanges.

As I said in the header, these are series bets, which consists of 4 bets, and an outlay of 6 points per series.

You will see below UK football last year had 100 series bets, so an outlay of 600 points, and a profit of 339 points.

So a return on investment of 56%

We average 66% winning returns over the series, no matter what country you are using.

The other great thing is you can use it 365 days a year, and the series can go over a few days if need be.

This will certain suit the conservative or aggressive bettor.

The great security net plan helps this method greatly.

Finding matches are dead easy, and not real knowledge of the game is needed.

If you like to bet on the soccer, and follow the matches with more than a passing interest, then Soccer Security Net is for you!

Bookies around the world can be used, also the betting exchanges can be used.

So if Betfair is banned in your country, no sweat use the bookies.

Have a look below you will see 11 leagues, however the plan will work on much more than these.

This clever strategy will suit all bettors, as I said dead easy to use.



The green line is showing the Return On Investment, you can see most are earning over 40% on your money.

Worst is Australia A League at 29% still very nice.

Sweden is the best at 79%

England is showing 56% over 100 series bets. (4 bets per series)

Don't be put off by the low profit on some countries, as they had a lot less bets.















What have you just seen?

The results of 11 different leagues, when it all goes wrong we loss 6 points (over 4 bets) that is the Red figures.

The green figures are our security (safety net bets) we hit these around 30 to 35% of all series.

The black figures are the money bets, these are the ones that propel the banks for us.

If you look at Sweden, this season, 18 bets, 4 total wipe outs, 9 security net bets won, making 4.5 points, and then the money bets made 100.68 points, even through only 5 have won for us.

All bets are at level stakes no progression used it the above results.


* It involves betting on 3 teams, and has a backup bet which adds security if the results don't go in our favour and limits the amount of losing bets

* Each losing bet loses -6 points, but winning bets can win anything from 4-30 points profit, and with a good strike rate will easily make a profit

* Even with a fairly low strike rate the method would still make a profit

* Results will differ from person to person, but it's simple to pick selections, it can be used as much or as little as desired

* It can be used all year round, so even when the main European leagues end it can still be used on any matches in the world.

* The user doesn't necessarily need to know anything about football, the selections can simply be picked based on odds

* Making simple selections it's made over +700 points profit over the course of the season betting on various leagues (there are many more leagues that could be used, so this is just a 'drop in the ocean' of the potential)  Of course the more leagues and games that are bet on then the larger the betting bank required.


How have we gone since we exposed the system to the world??

Not all countries are playing yet, however 11 days has netted us

and clients 14.00 points PROFIT.

It is an exe file and WILL NOT work on Apple PRODUCTS


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